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How to marry a Vietnamese girl and keep the marriage strong?

We are a real life testimony of a happy Singaporean-Vietnamese inter ethnic marriage. Learning how to live with each other and with our culture differences can sometimes be a challenge. It takes a great deal of understanding, give-and-take, and lots of empathy.

We feel that the most important ingredient to a happy and blissful marriage is communication. But hang on, we are not talking about language differences. You can read more about language challenges here. Communication here refers to conveying our expectations to each other, expressing our feelings to each other, talking about what makes us happy and what makes us sad. 

Another key ingredient to our successful marriage is of course trust. Believe it or not, trust is reciprocal. 
When you trust someone and you demonstrate your trust to your spouse, he or she will most certainly trust you in return. 

Happily ever after is attainable for an inter ethnic marriage and we can help you achieve it.

We aim to create more successful inter ethnic marriages here in Singapore and to share some of our learnings to fellow inter ethnic couples. The number of inter ethnic marriages here in Singapore is rather high.

How do I marry a Vietnamese girl?

Why Choose Us


We understand the struggles of an inter ethnic marriage and we know how to make it work.


We are not here to take advantage or to make money, you are free to compare our package price against others.


We sincerely want to create a stronger Singapore-Vietnam couple community here.


We want to debunk the myths and negative stories you hear about.

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