Singapore Matchmaking Services

Love Lab - The Matchmaker Methodology

We do not simply recommend any available ladies from our database. 

Matchmaking is a serious and tedious affair to ensure a good fit. 

Here are some matching factors that we apply:

  • Basic personality traits 
  • Common hobbies
  • Religion
  • Marriage expectations
  • Future family expectations
  • Love style

All recommendations will come with a full biography just as we will also send your full biography to potential matches. You will find a good mate under our guidance.

Screening process:

Unlike some Singapore Matchmaking Services agencies, we screen every lady before her bio gets entered into our database. During the screening process, each lady will be interviewed and assessed based on the following parameters:

  • Marriage intention
  • Reason for choosing to marry a Singaporean
  • Personal and family background
  • Current family and also personal financial situation.
  • Expectation of her potential mate.
  • Other expectations

Matchmaking is an artform.

If you have engaged a matchmaking agency before, chances are you are thrown with a few pictures and you are kind of forced to make your choice based on superficial factors like looks, and other physical attributes (e.g. height and weight).

This is not what Love Lab stands for.  

We truly believe in a good profile match. If finding a good looking woman is your top consideration, then clearly this is not for you.

If you wish to understand more about our matchmaking process, please contact us for a fuss-free consultation. All consultations are absolutely free of charge. There is no limit to your questions till you are comfortable that we are the right agency.

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