Frequently Asked Questions

We do not present to you an album of unavailable ladies then ask you to pay before telling you that they are actually unavailable.

We do not bring you to Vietnam and line up a batch of ladies for you to choose, like some agencies do.

We treat our ladies as potential life partners for our clients, we do not treat them as commodities.

We treat all our clients with respect and will never look down or judge your personal attributes,

financial capabilities, or your background, unlike some other agencies.

Yes, you get to see potential profiles and even meet a potential lady first before you make the first payment.

Yes all profiles presented to you are real and available ladies.

We do not demand a high fee like most other agencies do. Most agencies will ask for SGD 6k to 10k,

with no guarantee that you will find a suitable match. With us, we only ask for SGD 2k with no hidden charges.

Yes, we are the only agency in Singapore that offers an instalment plan. We alleviate your

financial stress so you can focus more on finding your happiness.

Yes, we offer refunds (T&Cs applies) if our services do not meet up to your expectations.

Most other agencies have a no-refund policy.

We are willing and able to introduce you to our past clients (with their permission),

so they can share their stories and experience working with us.

When we say we are with you all the way, we actually mean it.
We will stand beside every successfully matched couples all the way.

We have served many clients who previously worked with other agencies first. They often tell me,

“I wish I have come to you earlier, then I won’t have wasted so much time and money with others.”

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