Marry Vietnam Wife - Language Challenges

Marry Vietnam Wife – marrying a Vietnamese Wife may sometimes bring about language challenges. This is a very common concern and we certainly agree that it could be a major one.

Most Vietnamese, especially the younger generation, do know a little English. In fact, it is part of their regular curriculum in school.

Do you know that English is now a mandatory subject in Vietnamese education system starting from Grade 3?
That is Primary 3 equivalent in Singapore’s education system.

marry vietnam wife

Unfortunately, most English teachers are non-native. It is common that many young Vietnamese could recognise and understand an English sentence but they may not be able to speak or pronounce the words well.

Some Vietnamese struggles to pronounce “TH”, “J” , “Z” and “SH”

What about Chinese Mandarin?
Many Vietnamese actually find it easier to learn Chinese compared to English.
Phonetically, Chinese is closer to Vietnamese. And similar to the Chinese language, the Vietnamese language also comes with various tones. Due to this, some of the Vietnamese ladies in our database already have some basic Chinese communication skills. 

Despite that, there will be many who know very little to no English or Chinese. 
Anecdotally, we know a lot of happy couples who began with no common language. i.e. men does not speak Vietnamese, and their Vietnam wives could not speak neither English nor Chinese.

In such cases, here are some questions you may want to ask yourselves:

  1. Are you willing to learn basic Vietnamese? 
    As the saying goes, it takes two hands to clap. While your wife-to-be strives hard to pick up your language, it wouldn’t hurt for you to pick up some Vietnamese in the meantime. 
  2. Do you have the patience and empathy?
    Imagine if the situation is reversed and you are now forced to pick up a new language. I am sure you would expect your loving spouse to encourage you, and not to roll eyes at you whenever you mispronounce a word.
  3. Are you willing to sponsor language classes?
    While this is optional, it does help if she receive proper tutoring. It will also enable her to pick up the new language faster. 

Like every realistic challenge in life, this one is no different.
You can overcome it together as a couple.

Marry Vietnam Wife – Language Challenges

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