You are not here to buy a Vietnam wife.

You are not here to shop for one either.

Our Philosophy

We founded Love Lab Matchmaking Services because we see a need to improve the negative perceptions of inter-ethnic marriages between Singaporean men and Vietnamese women.

In our opinion, Vietnamese women are passionate, resilient and adaptable. They are very loyal when it comes to relationships. To a Vietnamese woman, family always come first. Vietnamese are also good with finances, you can always count on a Vietnamese wife saving for the future of her family.

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There has been a stigma surrounding inter-ethnic marriages between Singaporean men and Vietnamese women. We sometimes hear stories about such failed marriages over financial issues. This is the negative bias effect where people tend to focus more on negative events than positive ones. For every bad story you hear, there are possibly a thousand other happy couples out there that you do not hear about.

We are here to match sincere and honest Singaporean men with Vietnamese ladies who are just as serious about starting a new life with the right person here in Singapore.  

Another negative perception of such services is the notion of a mail-order bride, or the idea of buying a Vietnam wife. 

It is important to understand that our Vietnam girls are not commodities. They are human beings just like you and me with emotions and feelings. 

You probably hear of the saying that if you just want someone to stay obedient and to take care of you, you are probably better off hiring a maid. Well yes true, but even if you do hire a maid (and we prefer to call them domestic helpers), we do urge that you treat them with utmost respect as a fellow human being too.

But back to our point, do not buy a wife, instead marry one and live a happy life.

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