Vietnam Wife

What you could expect

marry vietnam girl
  • Someone who is willing to love you
  • Someone who is willing to be your partner and companion for life.
  • Someone who wants to build a family with you
  • Someone who will understand and share your burden
  • Someone who helps you achieve your ambitions

What you should not expect

marry vietnam girl
  • Someone who does all the housework for you
  • Someone who would listen to you all the time
  • Someone whom you can vent your frustrations on whenever you are feeling unhappy
  • Someone who can never get angry or upset with you

Remember that you are marrying a human being with emotions and needs just as you have. 

If you are looking for a super model or a super maid, then unfortunately this is not the right place for you.

Some men expects their wives to serve them. Some expects wives to be full time babysitters and still able to cook up a special meal while keeping the house clean. Sounds outrageous? There are probably a lot more of such men than you could imagine. 

And of course, the opposite should not happen as well. Men should not exist to service their wives. Mutual respect will create the perfect balance.

It is important to set our expectations right to ensure a long lasting relationship. Marrying a Vietnam wife, or anyone for that matter, is not a quick fix to loneliness and companionship. It requires a great deal of commitment and maturity.

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Vietnam wife

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